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Sheriff Duct's

Holiday Pines Maintenance Program

System Maintenance Leads
to System Longevity!

10% Discount

As a member, enjoy the benefit of 10% off any service repairs. Equipment replacement or change outs do not qualify.  

Summer and Winter Ready

Members are visited twice a year, once in the spring to prepare for summer and once in the fall to prepare for winter. 

Wash Outside Condenser (Spring Only)

During our spring visit, we will wash your outside condenser with a non-corrosive cleaner to remove all debris and dirt build-up.

Priority Scheduling

Members enjoy the benefit of high priority. Our goal is to reach our members first!

System Inspection

To ensure your system is ready for both summer and winter, we perform a system inspection which includes:

  • Checking system pressures

  • Checking amp draws for condensing fan and compressor

  • Checking the capacitance of the capacitor

  • Purposely cause your furnace to fail to ensure all safeties are functional

  • Walk your home with a CO detector

Drain Inspection

During spring and fall visits, members' drain is inspected and cleared if necessary. A drain enzyme is also added to help prevent sludge build-up.

Starting at $165 

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